Introduction to A Financial Challenge of a Teacher


Hello and welcome to this web series, “A Financial Challenge of a Teacher.”

This blog post provides an introduction and helpful information for readers.

What is this series about?

I am a middle-school teacher based in Tok, Alaska.

I teach English Language Arts and this is my second year as a public-school teacher.

The starting salary of a public-school teacher is not high.

As I attempt to provide for myself and my own two children, the situation regarding my finances is challenging.

My current forecast predicts a five-figure financial deficit each year for the next several years as I climb the pay scale.

A part of me (a somewhat logical part) is tempted to simply give up and try something else.

The thing is, I love the career of an English Language Arts teacher, I enjoy encouraging young children to read, and I would like to have the option to continue in this role.

Rather than giving up, I am instead opening up a significant amount of my story to the World Wide Web.

I do this with the hope that I can find community support as I work to overcome this challenge, and also because there may be readers who benefit from reading my perspective.

Furthermore, if it’s not possible to make ends meet as a teacher in my situation, perhaps the public and those who have the power to change things would like to know.

Limitations of This Story

Information Limits

I am only sharing information that I believe is relevant and necessary.

Scope of the Project

Each year, as I climb the teacher pay scale, the government pay increases and thereore the financial burden of being a teacher decreases.

I hope to limit the scope of this project by concluding it when I have sufficient funds to pay the basic bills without the need for additional employment.

I don’t know how long that will take, nor the form in which a solution may arrive.

All Rights Reserved

All copyrights for this creative work are reserved by Bryan Beus.

I may revise, redact, or adapt this story as I deem necessary.

Creative Work

Readers are advised that I am an author of fiction and all information provided within this story can be considered a creative work.

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