Appreciated Support

Appreciated Support

Readers of my web series, “A Financial Challenge of a Teacher,” may be interested to support me in my quest.

There are a great many ways you can help.

Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share

A simple way to help is to follow along, provide feedback on my content, and share my story with others.

Buy My Children’s Book

Another way — an incredibly helpful way, I might add — that you can support me is by buying a copy of my children’s novella, Westly: A Spider’s Tale.

Click here to purchase my young-adult novella.

This is a thirty-thousand word story about a young caterpillar who comes out of his cocoon not as a butterfly, but rather as a spider.

When you purchase a new copy from a distributor, those funds currently go to assisting me pay back the advance funds that my publisher gave when I signed our contract.

Once my advance is paid off, I will then (finally!) have a published story that I can sell to help make ends meet.

There is a hardback version, as well as an official audio book and eBook version of the story.

This is far and away the simplest direct financial contribution a reader can make.

Help Me Find Supplemental Income

To overcome my financial deficit, I intend to find supplemental, temporary and part-time contractual work.

If you or someone you know has an offer of “an honest day’s work in exchange for an honest day’s pay,” please reach out. Thank you.

Am I Asking for Donations?

Some readers may wonder if I am requesting or even accepting direct donations.

The answer to that is a grateful, “No! But thank you.”

However, I would love it if you followed the option described above and bought a few copies of my book, Westly: A Spider’s Tale.

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